Communication and Cooperation                

HBEC is devoted to international communication and cooperation, and has established good cooperation relations with many enterprises and institutions, such as SIMENS AG Power Generation (Germany), Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation (USA), Sargent & Lundy. LLC Company (USA), Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Japan), Shikoku Electric Power Company, Incorporated (Japan), Bangladesh Bel Corporation, PT. PRIMANAYA Energi (Indonesia), Important Engineering Committee of Congo, and Electric Power and Lighting Company of Kenya and State Grid International Development Company Limited.                






Qasim 2x660MW Coal-Fired Power Station

Location:    Pakistan 

COD:           April 2018

Scope:        Engineering Survey & Design

Highlight:   CPECs First Energy Project

China Power Quality Engineering Award 2020

Pakistan Environment Excellence Award 2018


Jerada 1x350MW Coal-Fired Power Station

Location:    Morocco

COD:           November 2017

Scope:        Engineering Survey & Design

Highlight:   Supercritical, Air-Cooling,

                   In Line with American Standards

Chittagong 2x660MW Coal-Fired Power Plant

Location:   Bangladesh 

Status:       Boiler Structure

Scope:       Engineering Survey & Design

Highlight:  Supercritical,

                  Seawater Once-through & FGD

Lucky 1x660MW Coal-Fired Power Station

Location:  Pakistan

Status:      Main Building Structure

Scope:      Engineering Survey & Design

Highlight:  Ultra Supercritical, Low Nox




Barisal 350MW Coal-Fired Power Station

Location:    Bangladesh 

Status:        Precast Pile Test

Scope:        FS Study, Survey & Design,

                   Precast Pile Test & Pile Foundation 

Highlight:   HBECs First Overseas Pile Work


Matarbari USC Coal-Fired Power Project

Location:   Bangladesh 

Status:       Pile Work Completed

Scope:       Precast Pile Test & Pile Foundation 

Highlight:   Expanding Local Pile Work Business


Hirgigo Power Plant 2x23MW Unit Extension

Location:  Eritrea

COD:         October 2017

Scope:       Engineering Design

Highlight:  Boosting Total Output to 134MW,

                  Fulfilling 2015-2020 ICS Grid Need


  KA 2x135MW Coal-Fired Power Plant

  Location:   Indonesia 

  COD:          March 2016

  Scope:       Survey & Design, Supervision

  Highlight:  HBECs First Track Record of

                    Overseas Power Project Supervision




4x300MW Coal-Fired Power Plant TG Island

Location:    India 

COD:           2015 (Phase I 2x300MW)

Scope:        Engineering Design

Highlight:   Stepping into India Power Market

115.9MW PV Power project

Location:    Greece 

COD:           2017

Scope:        Engineering Design

Highlight:  HBECs First EU Solar Power Cluster

                  Under EPC Consortium


Cross Border Power Transmission Project

Location:    Cambodia-Laos

COD:          January 2020

Scope:        Engineering Design

Highlight:   Cambodias First 500kV

                   Transmission Lines & Substations


  Transmission Line & Substation Project

  Location:    Congo (B)

  COD:           2012

  Scope:        Engineering Design 

  Highlight:   A Contract of 99M RMB, Covering

                     National Dispatch Center,

                     220/30kV S/S (25), Lines (1220km)

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